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Long Point Ratepayers’ Association



Why Does Community Watch Work?

Reduces incidents of theft, damage and break-ins

Increases ownership of the problem by stakeholders

Creates a team environment - a key to any successful program

Assists the OPP in crime detection and prevention

Creates a safe living environment and reduces fear of victimization

If you are interested in helping with Community Watch, please leave your name, phone number &/e-mail address and we’ll get back to you soon.

What Makes Community Watch Work:

Communities of cottagers willing to protect each others interests

All participants are encouraged to:

Become more aware of criminal activities which have or might occur in the area

Be alert to suspicious persons or vehicles

To be assertive of their right to enjoy their leisure activities in a safe and secure environment which is free from crime.

How Can You Help?

Become a volunteer - fill out the form below or call Dave Cameron 905-858-5918 or send a note to

Be a good neighbour by getting involved and by being aware.

Know general patterns of neighbours particularly in the immediate area.

Report suspicious events as they are happening first to police.  Dial 911 and then to the Committee Chair.